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I have another exciting gig coming up in December with XRP (Ex-Rockapella members Sean Altman, Barry Carl, Steve Keyes and me)!!

Like the Iron Giant, reassembling itself out of its far-flung pieces by sheer will power (and white paste), XRP comes together again to make the a cappella magic that lit up the screen when the now-famous "Spike & Co. Do It A Cappella" documentary was debuted on PBS-TV in 1990. Before there was Carmen Sandiego, these four men, the classic members of Rockapella Sean Altman, Steve Keyes, Elliott Kerman and Barry Carl were putting their indelible stamp on vocal harmony and inspiring a wave of enthusiasm for a cappella that would sweep the globe. Now they're back together as XRP for a once (or maybe every few years when they forget that they've already reunited) in a lifetime event, making the music that made them famous as America's premier vocal band. With guest vocal percussionist Ed Chung of Duwende.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Show 8:00p - Doors 7:00p

Turning Point Cafe
468 Piermont Ave.
Piermont, NY
(845) 359-1089


Hope to see you there,












Did It Rockapella! 7-16-04

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